Learning English in New Zealand

English learning starts here!

Julie, English Language Assistant at Equal Learning, has many years working in a primary school with ESOL/ESL students.

English support is provided within the context of the school environment and requirements.

English learning assessments

Students are first assessed to find out the amount of the English language they already know and the gaps of knowledge they need to fill.

Students are regularly assessed to track their progress.

Learn English at their own pace

The learning programme and lessons are designed for your child only. Lessons are one-to-one.

Step-by-step learning

Julie scaffolds the learning of students with their understanding of English across all areas of their school topics and needs.

Phonics, vocabulary, spelling and grammar are explicitly taught to enhance the student’s reading, writing and speaking.

Julie builds the student’s skills in reading and understanding the text with discussion about what is happening in the story, predictions of what may happen next and using strategies to work out difficult words.

Julie is happy to work in with the student’s school to explain tasks further, help complete tasks or to focus on gaps in the student’s learning, that the school or the parents would like filled.

Julie uses a variety of teaching aids including worksheets, games, books and activities to make learning fun and interesting.

Learning English in New Zealand

Learning English is fun!

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