English Language Assistant | Julie Thompson

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English Language Assistant Julie Thompson

English Language Assistant | Julie Thompson

Julie works at Roydvale Primary School since 2009 with ESOL/ESL students, struggling learners and special needs children across all areas and levels of the school.

Julie has worked with students from all over the world including:

China,South Korea, Japan, India,
Malaysia, Vietnam, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Thailand, Italy, Fiji,
Canary Islands, Somalia,
Philippines, Samoa and Russia.

Julie is committed to giving your child the best help to achieve their potential in English speaking, Reading and Writing.


  • Canterbury University- Certificate in Learning Support (Special Needs).
  • Ministry of Education-English Language Assistant (ELA).
  • Canterbury University-English Language Learning Progressions.
  • Supporting English Language Learning in Schools.
  • Special Education ‘Talk to Learn’.
  • Dyslexia Course.
  • Reader/Writer course.
  • Yolanda Soryl Phonics course.
  • ‘Pause, Prompt, Praise’ Reading course.
  • Blogging ICT training.
  • Jill Eggleton ‘Senior Reading’ & ‘Lighting the Literacy Fire’ course.
  • CORE Education ICT training.
  • Pam Hook ‘SOLO Taxonomy’ training.

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What Julie’s students say…
Thank you Mrs Thompson for teaching me English. You helped me with my school work. I will miss you.
Kevin aged 12 years
Thank you for being an awesome tutor. I really liked how you always have a big smile and helped me with my writing. I have always struggled with my spelling but you taught me some little tricks to remember how to spell words. My favourite lesson was when we did our elephant report because it was fun and I learnt lots of interesting facts about elephants.
Bye Julie I am going to miss you.

Ella aged 9 years
Dear Julie,
Thank you for helping me with writing. I have learned to write hooks, because I used to know ‘hooks’, but I didn’t know how to write hooks. Now I know how to write a lot of different types of hooks.
So that is how you help me with my writing. I hope you have a great 2019.

Renee aged 9 years
Julie is very intelligent, kind, always smiles and loves to do crafts, she also encourages us to learn more words. Thanks Julie, expect to see you soon.
Emily aged 8 years
Thank you my teacher. You help me with my English. I’m very happy with you. Now i will go away from you. I’m very sad. You are my favourite teacher. Thank you.

Sean aged 12 years
Mrs Thompson, we very much appreciated your work for James last year. Thank you very much. All the very best for 2018.

Ying, mother of James aged 12 years
I like coming to Equal Learning to do Early Words. I like to go fast and I like reading some books. I can read the yellow and red cards. Mrs Thompson helps me with my english.
Lan, aged 8 years
Hello Mrs Thompson. I am so excited to learn english with you. If I learn english with you my stress goes out! It is so fun to learn english. I changed 2 english teachers. I think you are the best teacher that I’ve been learning. I like to do homeworks and your homeworks are so fun. I think I will learn english until then I go back to Korea. Thank you so much to teach fun english and it help me a lot. Thank you Mrs Thompson.Jeong hyun, aged 7 years
To Mrs Thompson.
Hello! Mrs Thompson. I feel sad cause today is the last day of the lessons, but I feel great cause I learned a lot of english from you. Thank you so much for teaching me english. I bought you this Korean Masks at Sunday Market. See you again when I come back to New Zealand at November. I will miss you.
THANKS.Jeong hyun, aged 8 years
I was born in New Zealand and my parents were born in Japan. At ESOL lessons I like to read books. We had a sharing day. I bought a kokugo (Japanese teaching book) to show Mrs Thompson. It was fun.
Yuki, aged 7 years
When I first started at school I was so shy that I didn’t want to talk. Mrs Thompson helped me with my english.
I liked borrowing books out of the ESOL library.
I like how when it was my birthday, Mrs Thompson gave me a certificate.Catherine, aged 8 years
I liked it at the start when we learnt about the words and manners. I liked doing the grammar sheets for homework. I liked doing ESOL because Mrs Thompson could help me. I liked the one- minute test when I had to say what words I knew. It was much more easier to learn after I did ESOL. Mrs Thompson helped me.
Kevin, aged 8 years
At Mrs Thompson’s we did worksheets and we played ‘Guess Who’. We planted strawberries into pots to take home for Christmas to learn about plants growing. First I felt nervous with my English, but now I feel confident.
Jiwon, aged 8 years
Hi. My name is Daniela and I am from the Canary Islands. I speak Spanish. I am going to tell you about the things we do in ESOL lessons with Mrs Thompson. We have a lot of fun because our teacher is awesome. We learn how to read and speak better English.
Daniela, aged 9 years
I go to ESOL with Mrs Thompson and it’s fun. At ESOL we do lots of fun things. ESOL is my best thing in the world.
Jamie, 8 years old
In ESOL lessons with Mrs Thompson we learn English to be better than before. You would love ESOL!
Delicia, 8 years old
I am from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. When I first came here I couldn’t speak to anyone. Mrs Thompson taught me to say words. In ESOL I learnt to speak English.
Siwon, 8 years old

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